Labrinth - Euphoria (OST) [2LP] - Coloured

A1. New Girl
A2. Formula
A3. Preparing For Call
A4. Forever
A5. Planning Date
A6. Nate Growing Up
A7. Home From Rehab

B1. We All Knew
B2. Say Goodnight
B3. Shy Guy
B4. Following Tyler
B5. Still Don’t Know My Name
B6. Kat’s Denial
B7. Slide Show
B8. Family Vacation
B9. Grapefruit Diet

C1. WTF Are We Talking For
C2. Euphoria Funfair
C3. The Lake

D1. Maddy’s Story
D2. Demanding Excellence
D3. McKay & Cassie
D4. Gangster
D5. When I R.I.P.
D6. Arriving At The Formal
D7. Virgin Pina Coladas

Жанр: Electronic

Год издания: 2020

Издание: Milan

Категория: Soundtrack

Barcode/Cat. Number: 190759958711